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We can lease any make or model, new or used, anywhere across the US...
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Welcome to
Auto Lease America

Auto Lease America is a North Texas based auto leasing company that provides clients with the highest levels of customer service, integrity, commitment, and special incentives. In the fast-paced world of car purchasing, we strive to give our clients a simple and cost-effective way to lease or purchase their next vehicle.

Auto Lease America specializes in Closed End Auto Leases which will effectively eliminate your liability for resale value. With the widespread commercialization of auto leasing, many clients presently in a lease may be overpaying because they didn’t enter into a lease that truly meets their lifestyle...while other clients who could benefit tremendously from leasing are shying away because of old stigmas and misperceptions. It is our belief that nearly everyone can benefit from leasing - it is our job to ensure that the lease fits your lifestyle, thus eliminating the risk of resale value.

The lease process is simple.

  1. You tell us the type of car you are interested
  2. How long would you like to drive this car
  3. How many miles do you typically drive
  4. We customize the car lease to fit your lifestyle
  5. You sign the lease paperwork and take delivery of your new or used car
  6. That's it - it's that simple!

So, why do business with Auto Lease America?

First, our team of professional leasing specialists begin working for you from the initial contact throughout the entire process. The first step for us is to locate and negotiate the best possible price of the car you want to lease. This is where our experience and nationwide affiliations can benefit you. Our buying power affords us the opportunity to purchase vehicles from dealerships nationwide at the lowest possible rates.

Second, once we have secured your car, we go to work with several lease lending institutions to negotiate the best leasing rates for you and then structure lease programs that fit into your lifestyle and give you several options that are available.

Third, we manage all the details. We can handle any trade in scenario, locate and secure the car of your dreams, and then put that together into a lease that fits your lifestyle. All you do is sign your lease contracts, hand us the keys to your trade in (if applicable) and take delivery of your new or used car.

And lastly, our job doesn't end when you take delivery of your car. Over the term of your lease we continually monitor market changes so that as you near lease maturity, we can present you with viable options to transition into your next vehicle. Whether you want to do that early or at the end of your lease, our leasing specialists will give you the best options to consider.

So why not just lease from your local dealership?

Simple, no one likes going to a car dealership because everyone knows what to expect. This is typically the second biggest purchase most people make in their lifetimes and from the moment you drive up to the dealer until you moment you drive off you are bombarded with constant pressure. Pressure from the salesperson, then pressure from his sales manager, and just when you thought it was done, more pressure from the finance manager. Auto Lease America eliminates all the pressure and simply presents you with simple, cost effective options for you to consider in your decision making.

Auto Lease America recognizes that your time is valuable. We eliminate the need for you to haggle with a local dealer. Our leasing specialists know where to find the car of your dreams for the absolute lowest price because we deal with all makes and models from car dealerships nationwide.

We also identify that you want to save money...that's the bottom line. Auto Lease America has tremendous buying power because we buy and lease so many cars in America that we are able to get all of the dealer incentives and discounts that are available without question.

Furthermore, because we deal nationwide, it typically affords us access to more lease and lending institutions than your local dealership. So not only are we able to save you money by purchasing your car at the lowest possible rates, but we can also secure your lease at the best rates and residuals, thus saving you money over the term of your lease.

Our motivation is based on the premise that we take personal care for each client. We care about seeing you come back again and again. By structuring your lease to fit your lifestyle, we are guaranteed to see you back for your next lease. And by treating you with the utmost integrity and respect, we hope to earn your referrals so that we can provide your friends and family with the same level of care that you experienced.

So whether it is a business or personal lease you are interested in, we guarantee that the custom quote that we provide will be accurate, honest, and competitive. Give us a call at toll free (844) LEASE-00 (532-7300) today or use our online lease quote request.

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